News from February 04, 2021


My website:

  • 2 new modules
    • Image gallery (with and without margins): a gallery that respects the formats of your images via a line display in order to highlight your visual content


galerie1.png galerie2.png
    • Image carousel with thumbnails  (2 sizes available: a slideshow highlighting the selected image and allowing a visualization of the other elements present
      carousel1.png carousel2.png

My Account:

  • Access entertainment and NordVPN codes directly from your customer area
  • Update of the Paris Saint-Germain page


  • New professional support area
  • Pros now have their own personalized registration email :

  • Updated the home page highlighting:
    • The distinction of Individual / Professional paths : : mceclip1.pngmceclip2.png

Hubside.Photos :

  • Photos is now accessible in the Hubside Companion app for eligible customers in France, Spain and Belgium.
    • With Hubside.Photos, you can now create photo albums from photos on your iPhone and share access links directly with your loved ones.
    • You can also find and update albums that you have already created in the web version of Photos, albums being available and editable in the 2 versions of the service.
photo1.png photo2.png photo3.png
photo4.png photo5.png photo6.png


  • Increase the number of pages available from 20 to 30
  • Duplication of pages beyond 30 pages is now impossible
  • The concern about changing styles that sometimes reset after backup is fixed
  • Mobile text changes with sticky toolbars as well as some module movement animations are fixed
  • Fixed an anomaly on postal code validation
  • Incomplete contracts can now publish their site
  • The size of 16px has been added in the choice of text sizes
  • A fix has been applied to forgotten password email resends
  • Many improvements have been rolled out to the communities’ service
  • NordVPN licenses are now properly renewed