News from December 08, 2020


Your site

  • Updated toolbars that use the selected colors to have a better understanding in the editing experience.
  • Change of style of its site:
    • You now have the possibility to select from a list of styles to completely modify the design of your site (background color, font, button style…). This change in style is applied to the publication.
  • Hubside.e-shop
  • A new version of the “Product” module with 3 products side by side:
    • The user can fill in 1, 2 or 3 products, the display is managed automatically for these different cases.
  • A buyer can now reply to an order confirmation email that will be sent directly to the seller. Ditto for the answers of the Hubside seller to the buyer.

International :

  • Photos open and accessible to customers in Belgium.
  • e-shop modules are available in Spain.

Site Hubside :

  • The pro path is accessible at with a brand new homepage layout for professional prospects and dedicated service pages like Google Ads.


  • Fixed the activation of the Photos service at the time of the 1st upload of a client.
  • Automatic reconnection after the end of your session on your site.
  • The edit buttons of the header that sometimes became invisible are restored.
  • The gallery module that displayed all images on the same line is fixed.
  • The colors of the citation module are now editable.
  • Fixed on Hubside logo display on Mac.
  • Sharing your site: We now display your site’s thumbnail correctly.