News from March 10, 2020


  • Hubside Photos is a new Hubside service that allows you to create online photo albums in just a few minutes
    • With Photos, family, friends and travelers will be able to gather important moments of their past lives with loved ones and share the memory of these moments through a web link
    • This service is available to customers who have subscribed to a paid offer from €15.99
  1. On mobile, the menu for accessing the editing of a module adds its first features: change the background color and delete a block
  2. Hubside Photos integration (dedicated page, highlighted on the main page, integration in the welcome page)
  3. Updated notification preferences page with the addition of two new options
  4. Budget application: a new interface on the pre-registration page before the synchronization of bank accounts and the presentation of the different steps for adding a bank


  • “Remember me” on the “Choosing a Domain Name” screen is now functional
  • Redesign of image ratios for all our modules to better match the classic photo formats
  • The texts of the two modules of the “List” category are now correctly centered
  • Translation of the registration email with Google for Spanish customers
  • Budget: Display an alert message when bank accounts are no longer synchronized correctly