News from July 30, 2021


My website:

  • SEO:
    • New window for configuring the Title and Description meta tags. It is accessible from the Menu panel. The provision of this information will contribute to a better visibility of your site by improving their position on the results pages of search engines.
    • Ability to  add keywords: it is now possible to add keywords describing your company or service. It is possible to configure 5 groups of words.


    • Addition of a tutorials section “Give visibility to your site”, 3 articles are available:
      • What Hubside does to improve your site’s visibility
      • Configure the meta of your site
      • How to be visible on Google


  • On contact forms, the opening of your email client when clicking on the Send button has been replaced by an internal email sending solution.


  • When sending an image, we now automatically pre-select the best ratio in the resize window.
  • Updated the publish confirmation window with new sharing networks available.


  • Add a user feedback questionnaire on the right side of the editor, feel free to answer it!
feedback1.png feedback2.png
  • It is now possible to set the color of the header on the contact module


  • New classification of modules including 2 new categories: welcome (in  first position) and testimonials (in last position).
    • This new categorization highlights both the main element of the module (e.g. text / image / video) and its function (e.g. news / contact / services).
    • The former categories “Skills” and “Education” are grouped into a single category: CV.
    • The “Welcome” category can be used to segment its content and add a text banner with a background image to its site.
    • The “Testimonials” category is used to highlight customer testimonials for professionals.
  • New image highlighting module with captio
    • The caption can take either half the page or only a small part at the bottom. You have the option to change the position of this legend via the personalization pane.
    • Those modules have 4 different ratios to give you as many choices as possible.
widget_image2.png widget_image3.png
  • New contact module with opening hours


  • New header module with centered logo


My shop :

  • The multi-product shopping cart is available and offers the possibility to buy several products at the same time.



  • Management of the display of multi-products in the colonnade module (the multi-product module now accepts 18 products).
  • Visual enhancement of the product editing window.
  • Removed the character limitation on the product title and description.
  • Removal of the price limitation of products
  • Extended archiving of completed orders to 28 days (instead of 14) to allow more time for refunds. :

  • New inset Hubside.Store


  • Internatinalization : access to all versions of our different countries in which Hubside is available.



On the header


On the footer

My Account:

Manage the Hubside.Photos Page with and without the photo printing feature.

Photos (web):

  • Opening ofthe service in Italy and Portugal
  • Adding an informational message when the user reaches the maximum allowed zoom to meet a minimum print quality.
  • Identification of photos whose post-send processing has failed.


photos3.png photos1.png

Mobile :

  • New for mobile subscribers, you can now subscibe to one of our plans directly from the application: you can also unscribe at any time.


  • An automatic email is sent 60 days with the renewal of the domain name to offer you the possibility to modify it
  • An issue on NordVPN license renewal has been fixed
  • Email boxes are no longer deleted when your domain is terminated and you will have access to them from your Gandi space
  • To protect yourself against phishing, blocking Russian links: the “.ru” extension will automatically be considered an-error when entering a link (text link, button, image link)
  • Adding missing ratios for the image-only module
  • Fixed the display of the module removal window when editing the background color of the module
  • Removal of the €450 limit on the selling price of a product
  • Opening of the “Where to find us” page in Belgium
  • Display of the social media editing pictogram
  • SEO: refactoring module metas
  • Drag and drop effect in a module’s element management window
  • Improved coordination of reimbursements PayPal
  • Various translation fixes
  • Bug fixes and minor optimizations on the Mobile app