News from Januray 14, 2020


  • Try our new adjustment feature allowing you to change the zoom, positioning and ratio of your images without re-uploading them.
  • Give your images and logo a facelift.
  • Always go faster to personalize your content:
    • The Budget app presents a new breakdown of your monthly expenses: your fixed expenses, your current expenses, and your hobbies, quite simply.
    • Improve your understanding of your expenses
    • Navigate a new, clearer interface
  • 17 new templates to create the site of your dreams:
    • HR CV and Executive Assistant CV
    • My blog parents children 1 & 2
    • My W-E in Barcelona 1 & 2
    • Veterinarian 1 & 2, Dog breeder 1 & 2, Musician 1 & 2
    • Toy shop 1 & 2, I sell my house 1 & 2
    • Judo Club
  • Take determination, willpower and energy. Add to all this… Check out episode 4 of our Hubsiders series from our stories blog
  • This month, inspirez-vous et découvrez Sébastien Garcia, cycliste en ascension


  • Better management of the display of availabilities of domain names
  • The referencing has been improved with the automatic generation of robots.txt and sitemap technical files.xml to publication
  • The movement of the image in the crop area has been improved, especially on mobile
  • Widget and page removal windows have had their design refreshed
  • It is now possible to bulk modify the category of a transaction on Budget