News from October 15, 2020


  • Your site
  1. Visual and functional redesign of toolbars in windows: text / button / contact
    • Removing character limitations in all text editing windows
    • Changing fonts inside all editing windows
  • Publish from preview is now possible
  • 5 new widgets :
    • Training” category: in order to highlight one’s educational or professional career
    • Skills” category: in order to add to your CV a list of elements to highlight
    • Video” category: embellish a video with a small description and a redirection to another page if necessary
    • Team” category: highlight a list of people, composing a team for example
    • News” category: display your news vertically
  • 8 new site templates
  • Community
  • Creating Communities : Create your own community (public, private, normal)
  • Invitation module : You can now invite members or new users to join the community


  • Improved SEO of custom domain names
  • The .heic image format is now supported on iOS
  • Sharing on Facebook: Preview your homepage instead of the Hubside logo

Added 2/3 ratio onles widgets “image”