News from September 28, 2021


My website:

  • New color palette:
    • More colors available
    • Associated site template colors
    • Last colors used
    • 10 user-customizable colors
    • core_color_1.png core_color_2.png
  • SEO: Enabling association with Google Search Console: The ability to verify that you own your domain in order to use the Google Search Console service.
  • core_searchconsole_1.pngcore_searchconsole_2.png
      • We have prepared a step-by-step explanatory tutorial:
    • core_searchconsole_3.png
  • New settings in the personalization panel
    • You can now choose the scrolling speed of the carouselplugins_defilement_carousel.png
    • Mirror functionality:
        • Harmonizing the behavior of changing the position of an image in relation to the text within a module: you can switch from an up to down position OR left to right.
    • Marging management has been improved:

      • You can now more easily manage the size of the internal and external margins of your modules. You can choose to add margins or not but also choose the size of these.plugins_marges.png

    • Alignment management : you can now manage the alignment of all content in all your modules (title / paragraph / button / social networks, etc.).
        • You can still go through the text editing window but it saves you time and aligns all the elements of a module in one click!
        • Also available on some modules: position change : all content can then change position within a module.
          plugins_alignement.png plugins_position.png
  • Simplification and fluidity of framing capabilities: better zoom values and extended image size
    • Reset zoom when changing format
      core_ratio_mask_1.png core_ratio_mask_2.png
      core_ratio_mask_3.png core_ratio_mask_4.png
  • New technology for storing your websites to improve their performance

Hubside.eShop :

  • New reminder/explanation emails
    • New order reminder
    • Email confirmation reminder for PayPal activation
    • Order archiving notice without processing at more than 6 months

Photos iOS :

  • New Photos service overview page
    • New design
    • Highlighting printing
    • Integration of an overview of past requests from the reception
    • New modes of interaction from the home page
  • Request tracking screen accessible at the completion of the request, from the home page or from the settings
  • Auto-suggestion of address in the delivery form
  • Displaying a warning message when the client reaches the maximum crop size
  • Display a message on photos that have a sending problem and are therefore not printable
photos_1.png photos_2.png photos_3.jpg
photos_4.png photos_5.png photos_6.png
photos_7.gif photos_8.png photos_9.gif

Partner pathways:

  • Adding a promotional code field to the registration formpartner_code_promo.png

My account :

  • Distribution of Playstation Plus codes
  • New Google Ads activation email

Community :

  • New theme with a vertical menu display.
  • Posibility to customize the background color  of your platform (in addition to the primary color)
  • Choose this theme and color from the administration / site / customization area
  • Set News Feed as the community  homepage.
    • If you prefer to highlight your posts and those of your members from your home page, it is now possible from the administration / site / home page.
    • If you choose News Feed you can highlight the most “important” groups in your community directly n the column to the right of News Feedwenity_2.png
  • The automatic posts on the News Feed have arrived:
    • With each nnew event new product in your shop automatic posts are published on the news feeds of the community and groups with the content in questionwenity_3.png
  • New design of group pages :
    • Highlighting events, shop products and members on the groups’ homepage.
  • Choosing the order in which pages you’ve created appear on your home page:
    • You can choose the order in which the pages are displayed directly during creation or from the page editig formwenity_5.png :


  • Correction of a  faulty links in an image module
  • Active backup monitoring
  • Improved image loading for weak network connections
  • On your online store, improvement of the interface of the product edition form
  • Correction of a format issue in the crop feature on the iOS Photos app
  • Various corrections on your customer area (translations, graphic and marketing updates, …)
  • Minor fixes to your Community service
  • You will no longer receive an-email to change your domain name if you have cancelled or recovered your domain or statistics of your site when it has not been consulted