News from November 10, 2020


Your site

  • The publication status is now visible from your editor’s navigation menu; A window opens by clicking on it recalling the publication information and the address of your site
  • A new publication success window with always the incentive to share your address
  • Also find a new button triggering technical support in the Help section
  • Size changes:
    • Evolution of the size change in the editing windows of modules containing text.
    • Possibility to choose a text size in pixel in  order to go further in the editing process.
  • Recommendations for change of variation:
    • New feature to propose a new block layout to the  user:  recommendation of the use of a new module  according to the amount of text content contained in this module (this recommendation is absolutely not mandatory and remains an advice)
  • New header module
  • New design for the gear to the right of the editor that has been replaced by a new toolbar that tracks your movements in the page


  • New, smoother and more efficient user journey for the creation of your photo albums. You no longer need to upload your photos before creating your album. So you save time: create your album and add your photos directly
  • You no longer have to start creating an album with a name: you can choose to start by adding photos or naming your album for a less restrictive experience
  • The empty album page and the menu for adding additional photos have been revised
  • Access to title changes and descriptions is also redesigned
  • Information on the sharing status of an album has been added to albums from the listing page. So you can now see at a glance if your album is shared or not


  • The storage of anonymized data will guarantee more advanced and intelligent functionalities by offering account processing and analysis to better support our users in the management of their money on a daily basis.


  • Your site :
  • Fixed a bug creating a rotation when uploading an image
  • Fixing error pages
  • Fixed card loading on contact modules
  • Correction on missing translations in the text editing modal (font editing / size editing)
  • Correction on size change – rendering text at choice of 64px size
  • Real-time update of text size in pixels if user chooses a new text size
  • Your account :
  • Improved autocompletion of postal addresses on the subscription form
  • Correction on ePresse & PSG links
  • Photos :
    • Simplified interfaces, improved upload, larger clickable area, view the number of current photos, remove gallery tab
    • Several performances or interfaces bugs have been fixed
  • Budget :
  • Optimizations and corrections on the interface and in the journey to streamline job creation, budget customization and activation of SMS notifications/alerts
  • It is again possible to change the category of a transaction en masse