News from April 7, 2020


  • A long-awaited feature, you can now password protect your site!
    • Set your password on your site and it will be protected by an authentication page.
      • Only people with this password will be able to access the content of the site.
    • You can also use this feature to temporarily hide your site while you build it for example.
    • Discover our video tutorial
  • Our new store customers are now offered a specific screen – displayed only once – allowing you to change the site template or keep the one selected in store.
    • It is of course always possible to do this via the “reset my site” feature on your account.
    • Discover our video tutorial
  • A new menu is available to simplify your journey to your domain name, password site protection and account.
  • In order to get to know you better and to respond better to your needs, do not hesitate to answer the questions in our temporary survey that appears at the bottom of your screen!
  • Your account now displays
    • new options on the entertainment page (Rakuten videos, Napster subscription)
    • a new services page (NordVPN).
    • A new entertainment page for prospects
  • Test the improvements to our new login journey
  • New on Budget!
    1. Discover our 2 new home and presentation pages accessible in offline mode.
    2. Added reinsurance items on the pre-registration page.
    3. A new integrated “Continue Later” page allowing us to better understand the obstacles to sharing banking data.
  • Discover our new Heroes series with its first two portraits on Hubside.Stories
    • Guirec Soudée, the call of the Poles: Guirec resembles those heroes of adventure novels: a little casual and remarkably dreamy, sometimes whimsical, and always optimistic. Meet the youngest navigator to cross the Northwest Passage alone… with a hen on board.
    • Emmanuelle Magnan, flower of Pampas: Pampa is an address that flower lovers whisper in their ears. In record time, Emmanuelle and Noélie, the two founders, revisited an entire online sales model. They are bubbling with ideas to bloom our lives and go fast, very fast!


  • During your support requests, we will no longer need to change your password, a simple request will be sent to you by email and you will choose to grant this permission or not.
  • On Hubside Budget:
    • You could see infinite loads when you synchronize your accounts; That will not happen again.
    • When one of your bank’s requests two-factor authentication, an alert message appears on the screen informing you that action is required on your bank’s website.
  • On your site, it sometimes happened that a blank page appeared when new elements were added to the product module; That will not happen again.
  • It is now possible to change the color of the numbers of the skills list modules.