News from Januray 08, 2020


  • A new “Entertainment” page to access your Rakuten or Napster services
  • 20 new templates to inspire you even more:
    • Shoemaker / Luthier / Book Photographer / Illustrator / Gallery owner
    • Sale of candles / Sale of lamps / Sale of services 1 and 2
    • Warm apartment for sale / minimalist apartment for sale
    • Startup / Small clothing brand / Optician / Japanese restaurant
    • Blog My fat tips / Blog Feminine accessories
    • CV Notary / CV Bank Advisor
    • Football club / Tour de Corse
  • Access to the page management menu from the Nav Bar (this option is not accessible in Mobile)
  • The PayPal widget has been translated for our Spanish customers



  • Review of the registration form with Phone Number
  • Resolution: the contact widget map that passed over the burger menu
  • PayPal → Best control of the numeric format (Price field) in SAFARI browser
  • PayPal → Spanish translation
  • Access to the registration page only if the user has previously selected a site
  • 15 OTO styles so the Content Design team can create new template styles
  • Modification of assistance schedules in Spain
  • Update French Legal Notice
  • Update of the CGS FR