News from June 02, 2020


  • Your offers are enriched, discover the update of the offers page presenting our new options on com
  • A new presentation of your account:
    • A refreshed interface for optimized navigation
    • The new pages my site and entertainment are revealed
    • Improved tile on my account indicating that your site is protected
    • Customer knowledge: added title and date of birth to registration
  • My site adds new features as well as many improvements to always better accompany you:
    • Move elements of the same module together using a drag and drop system within the editing window
    • A new Gallery module (to be found in the “Gallery” category) to highlight visual content
    • A new link editing window and adding a “no link” option to the editing of a button in order to make the button disappear from the block
    • Ability to edit icons directly via the module’s editing window to save time
    • Display of images in modules in addition to their title as well as the number of elements
    • Image format update: Revert to old deleted formats, including portrait formats on galleries and news modules
    • Help during the editing experience:
  • Added a “Tip” window to explain how drag and drop moving works: video
  • Added help message for hovers over the editing pictograms: video


  • Fixed an anomaly preventing you from seeing or clicking on the latest menu items on mobile
  • Improving the behavior of a module when changing the category
  • You will no longer be disconnected unexpectedly during your sessions of modification of your site
  • On Budget, we fixed an anomaly on SMS notifications
  • On Photos, we have improved album categorization and you can now specify the type of album you want to create