News from November 09, 2021


My website:

  • Launch of a new SEO and traffic tracking analysis tool: By associating their Google Analytics account and ID with their Hubside site, the customer can track their site traffic on Google Analytics


  • The mobile menu now displays the status of its site and access to the seller


  • New-category – Banner: New modules for professionals with neutral texts allowing users to project themselves into the use of the block (ex: a redirection to a contact page, the presentation of its services, the title of a section…)

New-widget – Service: For professionals, in order to highlight the services offered

plugins_service1.png plugins_service2.png
  • Personalization panel:
    • Adding block style change: The user can now change the visual style of his module via the customization panel and thus choose different design proposals.
    • Four new styles have been added: map/overlap/sidebar/background image.
      • Discover them in video below:
    • Number of columns: harmonization of the parameterization to change the number of columns of a block with several elements.
    • Automatic retrieval of the email entered during registration during the configuration of a redirection (button, image, text).
      plugins_nbcols.png plugins_mailauto2.jpg
  • Zoom :
    • Improved understanding of the zoom level in the clipping window of an image with the display of the absolute value and the centering of the nominal value.
    • Blocking the movement of the image outside the clipping area that could cause download errors or images not found.
    • core_zoom1.png core_zoom2.png

eShop :

  • Activation page improvement
    • A single “Back” button that leads to the editor.
    • Better display of the help message if the user still needs to confirm his email address with PayPal.
    • Icon + color of texts Questions / Answers


  • Added explanatory texts for managing orders without delivery (for example, the sale of services) – on the help page of the Seller Center.


iOS app:

  • BUSINESS formula available for subscription: Hubside welcomes all professionals!
    • Business manager, craftsman, trader or self-employed? Subscribe to our BUSINESS plan for pros directly from our mobile app, create your website with a Hubside expert to improve your online visibility and grow your business.
  • New Hubside e-shop mobile seller area.
    mobile_espacevendeur2.jpg mobile_espacevendeur.png
  • New “Notifications” tab (in-app   notification center).
    mobile_notif.png mobile_notif2.png
  • – Set up a user survey.


  • Extended session time aligned with the session token: no more reconnection after 2 hours,
  • The user remains logged in as long as the session token is valid.
  • Fixed a bug with links to pages opening on 404 errors.
  • Fixed display of statistics.
  • Revert to image ratios: add missing ratios (especially on galleries).
  • Fixed the display bug that could occur when the password stored in the Apple Keychain is no longer valid
  • Correction of erroneous photo print amounts