News from September 17, 2020


  • 3 new versions of your favorite modules :
    • Image text: in order to describe an image, write a long text
    • Gallery : ideal for portrait potos
    • Topicality : in order to write a long article/a news
  • Discover our new services :
    • Highlighting the VPN solution : on the homepage
    • Four our customers in Portugal, Italy and Belgium, updted the entertainment page featuring the new Tidal music service
  • On mobile :
    • Adding a “Help” menu:
      • Dsiplay of the number and direct call to technical support
      • FAQ redirect (depending on the countrieswhere it is avilable)


  • On Budget, we have improved and corrected the path to creating a new expense item.
  • On your modules, fixed the anomaly displaying a blank page when addibg an item to a list as well as the problem that did not allow addition of multiple hyphens in a URL /button/enlace editing)
  • Improved avatar photo update on your account

On the mobile app, you now stay connected to your editor after clicking the publish form