News from August 12, 2020


  • Your shop in one click with HUBSIDE.e-shop! Because it’s never been easier to manage an online store: no more headaches of invoicing, tracking orders and payments! With Hubside, you keep an eye on your sales with our detailed dashboard.
    • On your seller area, you have visibility on the status of your stock, the follow-up of your orders (processing, cancellation, refunds, history), delivery costs or your payments. Your only concern is the sale of your products.
    • All you have to do is activate your store, link your PayPal account and add e-shop modules!
    • Caution: disabling old PayPal modules.
  • Find enthusiasts like you with HUBSIDE Community : many discussion groups await you to discuss your interests, share your experiences and knowledge on topics of which you are the master in the field.
    • Discussions: Animate your community: Create your own community to discuss the topics that are important to you.
    • Messaging: Start a conversation: Connect with other members of your communities through personal messaging or shared discussions.
    • Articles: Stay informed: Follow the news that interests you, publish articles, surveys, pages.
    • Events: Meet other enthusiasts: Participate in many events, or organize your own to unite your community.
  • On your account :
  • On your site side :
    • Now preview the rendering of your modules directly in the editing window!
    • New support windows: drag and drop explanation, backup error handling
    • The support path is also available on mobile
    • The site name is now displayed in the browser page tab
    • The “Hubside” label is removed from Google search results
  • Photos is available in Spain
    • Overview of the service in my account
  • Hubside has opened its doors in Portugal and is ready for the Netherlands!


  • On your sites, 502 errors have been randomly spotted and are all removed
  • The rollback feature on Safari has also been revised