What’s new in Hubside e-shop compared to PayPal buttons?

Hubside e-shop is an integrated e-commerce solution that replaces the online sales features previously offered via PayPal buttons.

The buttons PayPal already configured and published continue to work but for any new sales activity you must now activate your e-shop store.

You can continue to use your email address already registered with PayPal, but you must associate this email address with your Hubside e-shop account during activation.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of e-shop, you must add the new “Online Store” block on your site (via the add blocks feature)

This block allows you to fill in additional information about your product or service for the proper management of your sales:

  • Description of the Product or Service
  • Stock level (optional if you don’t want to manage stock, or if you sell services)
  • Costs and delivery times
  • No delivery (for services and products to be delivered by hand)
  • Management and follow-up of purchases (payment, refund, cancellation ..)