How do I unblock my PayPal account?

Want to unlock your PayPal limit?

If you have problems receiving money into your PayPal account, it is recommended that you verify your account. This is a different approach from validating your email address.

PayPal will ask you for more information about yourself and your activity in order to unlock your account – especially for the receipt of funds (i.e. the payments that your customers will make for their purchases on your store), simply to verify that everything is compliant.

Thus, if you use a business account, it will be necessary to provide information about your company (for example a K-bis or the articles of association of your company). PayPal may also ask you for additional information, do not hesitate to provide them with these elements that will validate your activity and the legitimacy of the origin of the funds.

For personal accounts, PayPal will need additional information that is mandatory following European regulations against money laundering.

In addition, you must link a credit card or bank account to your PayPal account to verify your account. This will also allow you to receive more than €2,500 per year for this account.

Useful links that explain these steps in detail on PayPal:

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You can also verify your account by linking a credit card to your account PayPal:

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