News from 8th november 2022

My website:

  • New display: A new behavior – available for adding and changing variations – allows a new display of the service module with two columns of media/text content next to the main image.

  • Reorganization of modules: the content and order of modules in the add window have been changed to highlight the visual and functional diversity of our blocks.

  • Open customization panel: You can now edit your modules while keeping the customization panel open: We also changed the iconography and replaced the cleat with an eye for better understanding.
  • Ratio change management: Users can change the aspect ratios of the images of some of their modules via the personalization panel and have access to a new ratio: “adjusted to text”, which allows the image to adapt to the height of the module present in the block. Of course, you can still make the change via the image editing window, as before.
  • Upload videos :
    • New video formats are now supported
    • You can now delete a video currently being sent
    • We also display the available video storage
    • We have improved the cinematic loading of your video during sending (sending > being processed > validation)
    • The last video sent is now selected automatically after it has been sent
    • The library now closes automatically

My online store :

  • Evolutions on variations :
    • Addition of new features for discounts (crossed-out prices) including products with variations
    • New mass editing area – allows copy/paste values for stock and price at all available variations

    • New display for crossed-out prices

My account :

  • Discover a new menu and refreshed formatting

  • Updating content
  • Entertainment : creation of one page per department
  • Personal space :
    • The professional space has been updated, discover it on our video
    • New service cards
      • Professional accompaniment card
      • Turnkey Creation card
      • Hubside Visibility card

  • First login
    • The first login experience has been reviewed, discover the journey in our video Mobile Application:

Mobile Applications :

  • IOS :
    • New notification center in the Hubside app : get important information about your Hubside website and serivces in real time.
    • Display of new modules for the management of the new services “Game Console” and “Accessories
  • Android :
    • The creation of custom mailboxes is now available
    • The availability of the domain name is checked at the stage of its choice in the website creation process.

Photos :

  • The process has been reorganised in order to make it easier and clearer.*
  • Web :
    • Redesign of the home page and my web account.
    • On the carte Tirage et Livre the credit renewal date is now shown when the credit reaches 0
  • iOS :
    • “My uploaded photos” has been renamed “My imported photos”.
    • “Follow my requests” has been renamed “My prints”.
    • “My drafts” page added.


  • The personalization panel closes now automatically when you click on add a new module
  • Correction of an anomaly on the service module that delete sub-element
  • Correction of some incorrect positioning with background, raster, vignette and gradient styles
  • Hiding the “Other Layouts” button in the personalization panel when there are no other designs offered
  • Addition of all available image ratios to modules containing an image to the right or left of text
  • The welcome window will no longer appear unexpectedly
  • We now prohibit access to the Photo appp when the contract status is not active