News of April 13, 2022


My website:

  • e-shop : product variations
    • Sellers now have the possibility to decline their products with different options (for example “size” and “color“) and to customize the quantity in stock of each combination (if desired).
      • Up to 2 variations and 16 options are available.
      • Purchase drop-down lists are displayed according to the options filled in and the available stock and the precise declination is well informed in the notification emails and in the seller area.


        • Also, we have written a new article on the FAQ page to help our customers unblock their account PayPal following the new verifications imposed.
        • We have also improved the management of email address errors: the verification of the validity of buyers’ email addresses is now done live, before purchase.
  • Basic modules
    • Give users the possibility to add simple modules, composed of a single element to their sites to facilitate the editing experience.
    • These modules are accessible in the first position in the addition window. We obviously leave the possibility to users to add the other modules, located just below in the addition window.


  • New site templates :
6.png 5.png
4.png 2.png
3.png 1.png :

  • Opening of subscription in the Czech Republic ¡
  • Hubside x CCI Drôme
    • Challenge Click Starter
      • Take advantage with Hubside and CCI Drôme of a 4-month free trial on one of the Business plans of your choice, create your website and try to win one of the 3 Click Starter prizes!


  • Application page

My account:

  • Techical overhaul
    • Invisible to our customers, a major update bringing more security and fluidity has  been made to the my account application.
  • Updating offers
    • Our offers on the page:
      • View all options
      • Highlighting the Business Intensiv’ offer
      • Launch of the subscription to the Intensiv’+ offer on web & mobile


  • Satisfaction surveys
    • Following the first request or a codeo r the activation of a service we now send an email to the customer asking him to answer a satisfaction survey.


  • Creating the password in store
    • The account can now be activated directly in store via password creation,
    • A QR code is also generated to connect or download the application


IOS app:

  • The site creation path has been optimized, the service pages have been reworked and the creation of personalized mailboxes available with your offer is now operational.
  • In-app purchases have been modernized.
  • It is now possible to send various push notifications, especially to redirect to service activations such as the online store.


Android app:

  • You now have the possibility to subscribe to one of our plans directly from the app using the Google Play Store subscription system (In-App purchases)!
  • New global design (main page / login / account creation)
  • The e-shop and its seller area are now accessible
eshop1.jpg eshop2.jpg eshop3.jpg eshop4.jpg
  • The Intensiv’+ formula is now available for individuals in France
  • Access to services and code requests
service_epresse.jpg service_nordvpn.jpg service_rakuten.jpg
service_norton.jpg service_tidal.jpg service_gaming.jpg
  • Pro packages available: Business, Business Connectiv’, Business Intensiv’.
offre_business.jpg offre_businessconnectiv.jpg offre_businessintensiv.jpg
  • Access to the Hubside Visibility service for customers with a Business Intensiv’ package
service_visibility1.jpg service_visibility2.jpg service_visibility3.jpg service_visibility4.jpg
  • Display of information about the devices included in the customer’s package (TV + iPad or iPhone)
device_ipad.jpg device_tv.jpg
  • Rename (and redesign) of the “Activity” tab to “Notifications” (the notification center)
  • Possibility to create a Czech account (but not yet to subscribe to a paid plan)

Hubside.Stories :

  • Find the latest portraits on our blog Stories !
    • Cherry & Chocolate, pastry goldsmiths
      • Their choux pastries, macaroons and cookies are like jewels. Just outside Lille, Maryse and Estelle decided to change careers and become pastry chefs, founding Cerise et Chocolat.
        • Alain Duvigneau, coach accompli
          • Football player and track and field champion, Alan Duvigneau has always been immersed in sport. He moved to the other side of the fence in 2016 to become a coach. He then founded Duvi-Coaching and trains all audiences: young, senior, amateur, or professional.


  • Optimization of the site creation path on your iOS application
  • Fixed several modules that were not displayed in preview or on the site
  • Menus with many pages are now correctly displayed
  • There are no more worries about blank pages on your editor
  • The correct behavior of the back button is restored on mobile
  • The anomaly of removal of products in the cart is corrected on your store
  • The background of the cut images of the produced blocks now match the background color of the module