News from 25 août 2022

My account : 

  • New home page :
    • Explore your new homepage with our video :


    • My preferences : Enter your favorite services


My website : 

  • Ability to send videos
  • Media switching in contact modules: You can now switch from a card to an image to illustrate the contact form
  • New category of modules: “Forms”
    • Watch our video:
    • Several examples of integration:


mceclip13.png mceclip14.png
  • Text can now be justified in the customization dashboard.


  • New style in the personalization panel:  “gradient

  • Ability to edit the elements (text, image, button, …) of a module even when the customization panel is open
    • To close the personalization panel, two options: use the cross at the top right of the panel or click outside the edited module.
  • Changing the color of quotation marks in the citation’s module
    • From now on, the editing of the color of the quotation marks is done via the customization panel and no longer directly in the editor.
  • Change of iconography :
    • The pictograms have been replaced by “eye” pictograms in the personalization panel (open eye, closed eye)
  • New “extended” style for modules in the “about” category:
    • We can now switch from a “card” style to a “extented” style that allows the image to take ¾ of the available space.
Classic card Extended card

My online shop: 

  • New developments in variation management:
    • New bulk editing area – allows copy/paste values for stock and Price at all variations.
    • New Price field for each variation


mceclip6.png mceclip7.png
  • It is now possible to add crossed out prices (reduced prices) on products
    • “Unique” products only
      • Crossed out prices on products with variations are scheduled for 06/09
      • Reductions are currently only made in percentage, prices crosssed out in fixed amount (ex -10€) are planned and arrive very soon
mceclip9.png mceclip10.png

IOS application : 

  • Discover a new homepage welcoming all your services


Android application : 

  • New site creation path
  • New service activation pages


Photos iOS & web : 

  • Opening of the Photo Book feature in Spain and translation of the route.
  • Adding the “My Drafts” section in “My Account”
  • On the Print and Book inserts, the credit renewal date now appears when the credit reaches 0


  • The “My Impressions “ section has been moved to “My Account”.
  • Modification of the “My Account” menu
    • “My uploaded photos” has been renamed to “My uploaded photos.”
    • “Follow my requests” has been renamed to “My impressions.”




  • Photos: It is now possible to order albums from newest to oldest on the home page.
  • Photos: Fixed the crop anomaly blocking the printing of unit prints.
  • Photos: Improved address suggestions in the submission form, based on the user’s location