News from January 24, 2022


My website:

  • Streamlining mobile use:
    • The support chat is now hidden thus avoiding discomfort on the small screen (the chat remains accesible from Menu > Help > Laounch Wizard):
    • The “close” button has also been hidden on some Windows and panels because it could cause the editor to accidentally close.
    • The step-by-step steps are better highlighted
    • Blocking browser return when a window is open to prevent return to my account
fluidification__1_.jpg fluidification__2_.jpg fluidification__3_.jpg fluidification__4_.jpg
fluidification__5_.jpg fluidification__6_.jpg fluidification__7_.jpg fluidification__8_.jpg
    • Graphic redesign of the personalization panel:
      • Better separated sections with bold healings
      • The order in which the parameters appear is now the same for all modules
  • New variations of the “About”, “Contact”, ” News”, “Text” and “Testimonials” modules using the new “Style” settings.




  • Many new contents have been added for the categories: image / image gallery / team / service to better enhance customer sites and allow a better situation.
  • Very practical, when sending an image, it is now directly displayed in the module without going through the cutting tool (subsequent adjustment is obviously possible).
  • Re-engagement notifications are now sent to publisher users who have not published after 10 days.


My shop:

  • The product modules now support multi-image in order to go further in the presentation of the product sold.
    • In the editing window of the module is now an “ add an image” button to:
      • Add new images (maximum 16 images per article)
      • Duplicate images
      • Move images (drag and drop)
      • Delete images
      • Edit images already added
hpc_addimage.png multiimages2.png multiimages3.png :

  • Two new offers dedicated to professionals join the Business formula: Business Connectiv’ and Business Intensiv’, they are already available on the web and on mobile
  • and in stores Hubside.Store from february 7th !offresproslides.png
  • Update of homepages, professional offers, language choices and finally the list of available designs
    • New homepage
    • Language selection page (this page is only displayed once and remembers the customer’s choice):




    • Implementation of pagination on design list pages and inspirations are now offered in the first position
  • designsok.png



    • Hubside.Visibility


    • Opening of Photos Print internationally (example on Italy)
  • mceclip3.png
    • Google Ads removal
    • Partoo: setting up an email when activating the service

iOS mobile app:

  • Distribution of new plans for Business Connectiv’ and Business Intensiv’ professionals with integration of associated services
  • New path for choosing custom domain names
  • Display of the free device(s) benefit included in the plansMy Account:
    • Updating the “My Offer” and  “Welcome”  pages
    • Updating Services
    • Hubside.Visibilitymceclip0.pngmceclip2.pngmceclip3.png
    • In situation:
    • mceclip4.pngmceclip5.pngmceclip6.png

Partner Area:

  • Deletion of the sending of the activation email at registration
  • Pagination on design list pages
  • Fixes and improvements to the password creation journey


  • New technology for registering customer sites that is less resource-intensive
  • Correction of an anomaly on logo submissions on headers and footers
  • Correction of an anomaly on contact forms
  • Improved support: ability to resend SMS as well as better code and service management
  • Delivery costs and their adjustments by product and increase in maximum thresholds
  • Managing unsubscriptions and resubscriptions in in-app purchases
  • Photo app now sends notifications
  • Updating social media links