News from 8 March 2023

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My Account:

Implementation of the Scoring Project which aims to improve the retention rate of our customers by offering them the activation of the most relevant services.



Entertainment : Movies, music, video games, press… Everything is included in your package

Serenity: VPN, Antivirus, file storage… All Hubside services


Website: Share your personal or professional projects with Hubside

 Sharing: Share your most beautiful moments with your loved ones

  • Technically, a note is applied to each customer according to their user data and contract data (plans & options): what are their preferences, which services have been activated, which family of services or additional services interest them most, which pages have they visited and on which they have spent the most time, etc.
  • A customizable rules engine then allows you to send these incentives by email / push inApp and even SMS.

My website :

  • Mobile and tablet preview
    • Now our users can see the rendering of their site on a mobile and on a tablet from the preview from a computer.

  • Hide components
    • Our users can now hide the components of their block (text/image/button/ social networks/adress, …)  directly by placing their mouse on the edit button of the component concerned. Save time, it avoids openings the personalization panel in order to perform this action.
      • From a computer, after hiding a component, the customization panel opens and the component that has just been hidden is highlighted to allow users to re-display it if necessary.
      • On mobile, a tooltip indicates where to go to re-display the component.
      • For blocks composed of groups of elements (ex: a list), if the user decides to hide a title, then all the titles of the groups of elements will be hidden.

  • Logo editing
    • Update of the editing part of the “text” logo
      • Users can now find in the “font” section:
        • The most recently used fonts
        • The fonts of the theme
        • All other fonts

  • Resuming video uploads
    • In case of error or closure of the editor while uploading a video, when the user returns to the editor, this sending can now be resumed by clicking on the “resume” button.
    • All the user has to do is return the same video and the loading picks up where it left off.

  • Changing the mobile view
    • The component editing pictograms are positioned on the right
    • Access to the customization panel, deletion, duplication of modules, are on the left
    • This makes it easier to access the burger menu.

  • New list of modules
    • The list of module designs proposed for the design change has been revised and we now highlight different visuals (vs some visual redundancy before). This allows users to have a better view of the blocks that are proposed.

My shop:

  • Coupon Codes
    • Sellers can create coupon codes!
    • One coupon code at a time, per-store – either activated or deactivated.
    • Universal promo code (for all buyers) with no usage limit.



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