News from May 05, 2020


  • This week a great novelty, it is now possible to add blocks on mobile!
  • Discover a new window for editing your blocks for even more simplicity and clarity
  • It is also possible to modify, duplicate and move a block in the first or last position on desktop and mobile
    • Watch our tutorial videos to familiarize yourself with these new features
  • New blocks in the category “Text + image” to highlight content developed on another page (internal or external)
  • Benvenuti to our Italian neighbors who have joined the Hubside adventure on the web and in points of sale from May 11
  • Check out our new homepage highlighting our services as well as a new overview page of our VPN service for prospects
  • 18 new site templates:


  • Facelift of our welcome page with a link leading directly to the homepage of your account
  • The suggestion of available domain names has been improved
  • No more unwanted disconnections: users’ connection to the Photos service has been stabilized
  • Graphics and performance improvements on the expenses and activities page on the Budget service