How do I customize the layout of a block?

Thanks to a new icon located in the space to the right of the block:


You will have access to a new panel, allowing you to go further in the customization of your block.


From this panel, you will be able to:

  • Change the background color of the blocks
  • decide whether or not to display the elements composing the block (image, text, button, social networks, icons, address, logo, …)
  • Change the position of images (left/right or above/below text)
  • Choose the number of items displayed per row in their block
  • change the color of some elements (icons, borders, …)
  • Go to layout change/variant

and other settings to take your site building experience one step further. This will allow you to choose what your block will look like, from A to Z.

This feature is of course available in mobile version.