Changing my domain name (URL)/my Hubside website address

A domain name (URL) is an Internet address made up of a string of characters and an extension.

In the example below, the extension used is for France: .fr

Knowing the URL of your Hubside site is very important. It’s what you need to share you’re your contacts so that they can visit your site.

This URL must be entered in the bar at the top of your browser


To modify the URL address / domain name of your site:

Step 1:

Go to the “my site” section


Step 2 :

Click on “Title & domain”.


Step 3:

A window will appear in which you can change the address (URL) and confirm.


Your Hubside website address is now up to date. Please bear in mind that Google may take several days, or even weeks, to reference the new address of your Hubside site.

In order not to lose the benefits of natural referencing, we recommend that you don’t change your address if you don’t need to.

For further information, please contact Hubside technical support.