SEO solutions from Hubside

What is SEO?

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO), or the dream of getting to the top of the search engine rankings. To be visible on the Internet in a simple keyword search, your site needs to be indexed on search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing).

The importamce of SEO

A well-referenced site will bring you visibility and naturally increase the number of visitors to your site. However, SEO isn’t instantaneous: it takes time for search engines to include your site. At Hubside, we give real importance to your visibility. We offer a range of solutions that are already available, some of which require action on your part.

What you can do

  • Fill in the Meta title, description and keywords tags in the site editor: These will provide the search engine with a summary of your activity.
  • Choose a personalized domain name: You can create your own personalized domain name in your “my account” page. Find out more in this article: Find an effective domain name.
  • Share your site URL on social networks: You can promote your site by sharing it on social networks, which will increase the number of visitors.

What we do for you

  • Optimized loading times
  • Responsive: all our sites automatically adapt to all screen sizes.
  • Sitemap: it helps search engine crawlers find all the pages to index.
  • txt : it contains commands for search engine crawlers who will be able to read the structure of your site and better index its content in their database.
  • Server-side rendering (SSR): All scripts on your page are hosted and executed by our upstream server. When the page loads, the client (search engine or user) benefits from a direct and complete rendering, easily indexable.
  • Links : We manage internal and external links to your site.

How to go further?

    • Gain visibility on Google Gain visibility via Google