SEO: 7 tips to improve the SEO of your Hubside site


  1. The content of your site: The text

You need textual content!

There is no rule stricly speaking, but for a page to position itself, it must be able to respond to the request of a user and it is very rare to be able to do it in only 100 words…

Count at least 500 words or more to promote the SEO of your Hubside site.

  1. The content of your site: Keywords

Start by positioning yourself on a single keyrword without too much competition with a dedicated page.

For example a page “Alixan Restaurant“

On this page, develop on the village of Alixan and the location of the restaurant (eat at the foot of the rokcy peak-t kings rings around a central peak in molasse.). We can specify the neighboring municipialtities / the catchment area / delivery.

The chosen keyword must be present at the beginning of the titles as well as repeated several times in the content of the page (beware, however, of over-optimization; the page is first dedicated to humans and not robots).

We can use the lexical field around the restaurant, for example :

Restaurant             Recipes                   Chef                          Dessert                       Menu

Gastronomy               Ingredients         Starters           Tasting            Sommelier     Specialty


03.The content of your site: Images

For Hubside sites, there are often a lot of images, but it is important to give maximum context by describing the content of the images in adjacent text. Avoid empty pages of text content.


  1. The content of your site: Links

Do not hesitate to fill in the URLs of social media when they exist. Or to use the example of a restaurant site, the opinions of Internet users.

If you do not yet have social networks related to your activity, you can create for example your Facebook page, you can then enter the adress of your site on this page.

To put it simply, sharing as much as possible the link of your site on the web increases the possibility of generating visits, it promotes the referencing of your site.

  1. Choose the ideal domain name

A domain name allows you to have a unique identity on the internet.

With the Exclusiv’ plan you can get your own domain name and link it to your Hubside website, it is an opportunity to optimize the SEO of your website and at the same time to bring a professional touch to your creation.

But how do I choose the ideal domain name ?

  1. The title of your site

Still in order to improve the SEO of your site, it is necessary to choose the title of your site according to the theme or activity of your site. For example, by indicating a short description sentence or by adding your slogan.

  1. Your site on mobile or tablet

By entering the digital age, the smartphone has taken an important place in our daily lives, as a result, search engines favor websites where mobile display is optimized, we then speak of “responsive site” therefore suitable for all formats.

Ce point est donc déjà couvert pour tout site Hubside.With Hubside, your site is fully adapted for different devices (computers, mobiles and tablets) and this is done without any action on your part

This point is therefore already covered for any Hubside site.