Why use Hubside ?

Hubside is a 100% French product, which has been designed so that anyone can create a website.

Why create a website with Hubside?

You can share an event like a birthday, birth, or wedding.

Prepare a holiday project with family or friends or share this trip by gathering all the photos and videos so that everyone can access it.

Share a passion or promote a project that is important to you.

Offer various professional services.

But I know nothing about this

No problem, we provide you with a very simple solution, suitable for everyone and which does not require any special skills.

We also provide you with free chat or phone support from a team of technical advisors to accompany you throughout the creation process and answer all your questions.

I can’t find themes adapted to my project.

All our designs are templates prepared by us and can be fully customized so your site will never look like another.

I find that it lacks options in terms of customization.

Do not hesitate to share it with our technical teams, they are attentive and will take care of making regular feedback to the product teams, because our priority is your satisfaction and the realization of the project you had imagined.

Do I have to use a computer to create or modify my site?

To create and modify your site, you can use your tablet or smartphone via your internet browser or the application Hubside.

Can the personal photos and videos I use on my site be reused?

We attach great importance to the respect of your personal data therefore, all the elements that you add to your site can not be used by our services.