The referencing of my website on the different search engines

What is website SEO?

In order to be visible on the internet during a simple keyword search, your site must be indexed on search engines (example: Google, Yahoo, Bing).

This is called SEO.


I can’t find my Hubside website during a Google search, why?

After publishing your site, indexing is not immediate, there are delays of a few weeks for the domain name and up to 3 months for a subdomain

Why choosing the right domain name is important for SEO?

A domain name allows you to have a unique identity on the internet, it is a favorable and beneficial factor for the SEO of your site. The keywords present in your domain name will be favored by search engines.


How to optimize the SEO of my website?

The content on your site must be unique in order to promote the indexing of your site.

The title of your site:

It is necessary to choose the title of your site according to the theme or activity of your site in order to optimize the SEO of your site. For example, by indicating a short description sentence or by adding your slogan.

The content of your site:

In the text blocks of your site do not hesitate to add keywords that represent and detail your activity or specify, for example, the location of your shop that promotes the possibilities of being in the results during a search.

Example of keyword searches:

florist in Paris

plumber in Nantes

Sports Association in Brest

Winter holidays 2018 in Australia


How do I promote and advertise my website?

You can promote your creation by sharing on social networks and creating for example your Facebook page, you can then enter the address of your site on this page.

For professional activities you also have ways to promote your website, via platforms.

These actions bring more visibility on the web and can generate visits, which also promote the SEO of your site.

In general, all the links that will point to your site should promote its SEO.