Having trouble accessing your Hubside client account?

If you are having trouble:

  • Accessing your Hubside account (when clicking, the page keeps showing)
  • Viewing the videos from our Hubside sites (empty zone instead of video reader)

Then probably your browser blocks certain necessary cookies to view the Hubside site.


To keep surfing, you need to enable cookies and third-party cookies in your browser.

We’ll guide you through the process, first on the Chrome browser (in 7 steps), then on Firefox (in 4 steps).

I) On Chrome :

Enable cookies in seven steps:

Step 1 :

Click on the tab at the top right of your screen


Step 2 :

Click on settings


Step 3 :

At the top left, go to settings


Step 4 :

Then, on advanced settings, click on compliance and security


Step 5 :

Click on content settings


Step 6 :

Go to Cookies


Step 7 :

Check that cookies are enabled at the top, and make sure that third-party cookies below are unchecked.


II) On Firefox :


1) Old Firefox version:

 Step 1 :

Go to the tab at the top right of your browser


Step 2:

Click on Preferences


Step 3:

Go to the Privacy and Security tab


Step 4:

Check that cookies are allowed and that third-party cookies are always accepted.


2) Updating Firefox Quantum :

Steps 1 to 3: Repeat the first 3 steps, as for the previous version of Firefox.

Step 4 (Firefox Quantum):

On Firefox Quantum, you can tick the box on detected trackers but only in private browsing.

For third-party cookies just below, make sure the box is unchecked.