How do I access my site statistics?

Consult in a few clicks, and wherever you are, the statistics of your site from the Hubside mobile application.

Available statistics:

Number of site visits (per day / week / month / year / total)

Average time spent on site

Most viewed pages

Device categories

Country visits

To access your site statistics, follow these steps.

Step 1: Download and open the Hubside mobile app.

Go to the App Store (if you have an iPhone) or the Google Play Store (if you have an Android phone) and type Hubside in the search bar. Click the Install/Download button. Once the installation is complete, click the app icon to launch it.

img1.jpeg  img2.jpeg

Step 2: Sign in.

img3.PNG img4.PNG

Step 3: Click on My Site and then go to the Statistics page by clicking on the corresponding button at the top of the screen.

img5.jpeg img6.PNG

img7.PNG img8.PNG

Warning: It is necessary that the visitor has accepted cookies while browsing your site for his visit to be counted in the statistics.