Free up storage space on your smartphone: Why install the Hubside Drive app ?

Storing files, photos and videos on your phone is undoubtedly the best way to monopolize your device’s memory at the expense of the rest. In fact, installing a new app or updating the device can quickly become a headache.

Google Photos offered its users who owned a Gmail account a free and unlimited solution for storing photos and videos in the cloud. This offer ended June 1, 2021. If you use this service and are used to it, you will see change. You now get storage limited to 15 GB free and shared between all your different Google services: Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Calendar. 15GB of storage can only store the equivalent of 3,000 photos or 75 videos, or about a year for the space to reach saturation.

With Hubside Drive, on your iPhone or Android smartphone or on your laptop, you have 2 TB!

# Share without limits.

Hubside Drive, is an application that allows you to share your favorite documents (videos, photos, albums…) with your loved ones, whether or not they have a Hubside Drive account.

# Save all your documents automatically.


All your potos and videos are synchronized on their syorage space: in the event of breakage, los or threft of your device you no loger risk losing everything you hold dear.

# Manage your storage space from the Hubside Drive application  

You can use Hubside Drive to free up the storage space on your devices. Your potos, videos and applications are files that accumulate on our cellphones and fill up storage space very quickly. With Hubside Drive, you can manage your documents, photos and videos from the comfort of your application.

# Synchronize your files, photos, videos on all your devices…

Today we’re all equipped with at least 2 devices (smartphone, comupter, tablet…) Thanks to automatic synchronization, you’ll find your documents on all yur devices in real time.

Download Hubside Drive now on iOS and Google Play.