The tools of my community

You can start by defining the different modules you want to use for your community:

  1. Go to the interfaceadmin.png, at the top right of your page (you must be an administrator).
  2. In the left column, choose paint.png “Site” and then “Modules”.


All the modules available for your community, the switch tells you the activation.

  • Blog / Pages allows you to create content such as articles that can be made accessible in the navigation menu of your community (see menu management below). On  the Community community, we use the pages for our help content for users, in fact it is a page that you are currently reading (welcome back to us). By default, only admins can create Pages.
  • Surveys is a survey tool, very handy when you want to know the opinion of your community on a topic.
  • News Feed allows you to communicate shorter information to your community and exchange. By default, only administrators can use it but you can change this permission (see article dedicated to permissions). On the Community, we have chosen to use it as a channel for exchange between our users.
  • Events allow you to plan activities with members of your community. Participants are automatically notified when changing and the day before the event. Practice!