What’s Hubside Drive?

Hubside Drive is a cloud solution offered by Hubside as part of the Exclusiv’, Seductiv’ and Evolutiv’ plans.

Hubside Drive looks after your digital life: you can entrust it with all your files (photos, videos, audio, invoices, etc.) in total security: unlike a hard disk or USB key, Hubside Drive cannot be lost, stolen or broken. With Hubside Drive, you can access your files anywhere, anytime, from any device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, etc.), and share them with friends and family if you wish.

This solution has been set up with Oodrive, a French company with expertise in storage and security, and a trusted partner for the management of sensitive data for the largest French companies and institutions (Assemblée Nationale, Banque de France, Auchan, Canal Plus, Air France, Accor Hotels, LVMH, Orange, Spie Batignolles, …) and international ones (Axa, Allianz, Mc Donalds, ….). Oodrive has over a million customers.

Your data is hosted on Hubside Drive in France, where it is totally secure. Oodrive is a French company and therefore subject to European laws, which are far more protective than American laws.

Hubside Drive is a professional-quality service for everyone.